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Mentorship is Worth it

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Mentorship Is Crucial To Staying Focused

Today's world moves extremely fast, with the internet and social networks connecting people together, information is traveling at speeds never before seen. With this, people are being bombarded with information that may distract or hinder them from achieving their goals. This leads me to present the value of mentorship:


Mentorship Is Extremely Valuable in Work, School, and Life.

The extent to which mentorship affects peoples' lives is simply astounding. Mentors help mentees create a plan for their goals, learn the skills needed to accomplish those goals, and assist in networking. Monica Decaro in her academic journal article "The Many Benefits of Mentorship" reports "data suggests mentees tend to receive higher salaries and more promotional opportunities. Mentorship programs are in 71% of fortune 500 companies (Decaro, 2017) which helps them progress in their careers. They also seem to be happier with their career choices". Balkees Abderrahmanin his journal article "Paying it forward as a mentor" explains that "Mentorship sharpened [his] communication, teaching, and technical skills, and it gave [him] a sense of purpose, confidence, and fulfillment" which underlies the mutually beneficial relationship between mentor and mentee.  Ryan and Alice publish in the Journal of Community Health that "These relationships may improve youth health through fewer risky behaviors and attitude improvements" which may drive higher graduation rates. It's also stated in another Journal article concludes that "a peer mentoring approach to chronic pain may help alleviate social isolation in adolescents and result in improvements in a number of associated symptoms". This is important because chronic pain occurs in 25% to 45% of children (Payne, et. al.). We must face the reality that without mentorship, both are adults and our children are at a higher risk of pain and/or failure in life.

Grass is Greener On the other side

Finding A Mentor Might Be One Of The Best Decisions You Ever Make.

Whether you find a mentor for school, work, or life; whether they're a peer or an older mentor, it is generally a great experience for both the mentor and mentee. More programs like this should be easily available to the public. If more people had more of a support network, maybe our country's people would be more confident and engage in less risky behavior. This all starts when you continue to think differently.


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